About Raw Food Diet

What is Raw Food Diet

Raw food diet refers to consumption of mainly or exclusively raw foods, predominantly plant-based ones. The diet doesn’t exclude meat, eggs, fish and diary products but most raw foodists – followers of raw food diet – are vegans which means that they strictly avoid all non-plant-based foods. Also, raw meat, eggs, fish and diary products can contain harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites which can cause potentially serious health problems.

Why Raw Food Diet

The theory behind raw food diet is that heating foods above 47 degrees Celsius destroys essential food enzymes and that cooking produces some toxins which are thought to be responsible for a wide range of health problems and inflammatory diseases including arthritis, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. The opinions of health experts about positive effects of the so-called essential food enzymes are divided but they agree that the heat can lower nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, and that consumption of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables can lead to a better health and help lose weight/maintain a healthy body weight.

Is Raw Food Diet Really Healthy

Several studies have found that raw food diet helps prevent/manage a number of health problems. Since raw foods are low in fat and sugars, following raw food diet is also a great way to lose excess body weight which has been linked to a number of conditions including diabetes, heart disease and even some types of cancers. Speaking about cancers, there are also several studies that found raw food diet to offer protection against this potentially fatal disease, while raw foodists were also found to be less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease and be more resistant to infectious diseases such as common cold and flu. It is thought that fresh fruits and vegetables are the best sources of antioxidants which have been associated with a stronger immune system.

Getting Started with Raw Food Diet

Before you get started with raw food diet, you are recommended to inform yourself very well about both pros and cons of consumption of uncooked and unprocessed foods because raw food diet can lead either to improved overall health and leaner figure or potentially serious nutritional deficiencies if you don’t get it right.

Our website offers lots of information about both the benefits and drawbacks of raw foodism including scientific evidence for the theory behind it. But please keep in mind that all our articles are of informative nature only and cannot replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment!